Undeveloped Land

Raw Industrial land 

With Stage 1 now nearing completion, titles for the individual lots are now being progressively delivered, and with the purchasers of these lots commencing to build, Belfast Business Park Limited has decided to expand its product range. It has purchased 42 hectares of land North of Belfast Road to be known as Belfast Business Park North. 




Why Belfast Business Park North?

The point of difference between the two offerings is that whereas Belfast Business Park is comprised of smaller, fully developed industrial or commercial sites of between 2800 square metres and 2.5 hectares, Belfast Business Park North will cater for businesses requiring larger undeveloped sites of between 2.5 and 20 hectares. This provides an opportunity for businesses such as transport operators and large industrial concerns to secure land of unprecedented scale at prices not elsewhere available. The land can be purchased undeveloped thus allowing incoming owners the flexibility of developing their sites to their own designs, and developers the opportunity to subdivide and build multiple units. 

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